ConnectPlaza ConnectAgent Si 3.0.1


This is maintenance release 3.0.1 of ConnectPlaza Connect Agent.

Release Notes :

  • The Json2XmlService had a Filewrite that was not supposed to be there. Removed.
  • #1095 contextpath in ws-consumer MUST start with "/". Checked when parsing component. If contextpath does not start with "/" an exception is thrown.
  • #1121 properties in a ConnectMessage messagepart were not copied from the old existing messagepart to the new messagepart. Fixed.
  • #1130 myesb-jdbc-service had jdbc-username as attribute. According to xsd this should be xsd jdbc-user. Fixed.
  • #1132 If jdbc-outbound-service returned empty result set an exception was thrown. Now an empty list is returned See #1131.
  • #1131 Jdbc-service. Empty resultset caused thread to hang. Added a request-handler-advice-chain advise with class EmptyReplyAdvise to the jdbc-outbound gateway that will return an empty list when no result is found on query.
  • #1141 fixed bug in mapforce service, concerning multipart mapping using byte[] (xslt)
  • #1142 fixed filereader service. Reading of binary files caused exeption. Fixed.
  • #1120 defaults for connect.jetty.sslconnector.host and connect.jetty.sslconnector.host changed from localhost to (all interfaces)
  • #1140 added myesb-si-components-openedge 3.0.0 to fix OpenEdge override problem with procedure name