Analyze Properties

Analyze Properties

You can set the configuration properties via ConnectPlaza Deploy. Select the agent you want to configure and select Agent configuration. Select in the selection box the Analyze and you will be presented with the correct settings. See Deploy Configuration for more information.

The actual properties are written in the file <connectplaza-install-directory>/conf/

Parameter Example value Description
# Analyze SQL Core Properties    
connectplaza.analyze.jdbc.driverclass com.mysql.jdbc.Driver Driver for your analyze database database
connectplaza.analyze.jdbc.url jdbc:mysql:\/\/localhost:3306\/opdion-analyze Connection string for your JDBC database
connectplaza.analyze.jdbc.username <username> User name to log into the database 
connectplaza.analyze.jdbc.password <Password> Password to log into the database 
connectplaza.analyze.jdbc.dialect rg.hibernate.dialect.MYSQLDialect Hibernate dialect to communicate between Analyze and the chosen databases
connectplaza.analyze.jdbc.debug false Set the debug mode on or off
onnectplaza.analyze.jdbc.hbm2dll update Setting to perform SchemaManagementTool actions automatically as part of the SessionFactory lifecycle.
Check Hibernate documentation for more information.
connectplaza.analyze.jdbc.prefix ema Database table prefix
# Analyze Mongo Core Properties    
connectplaza.analyze.mongo.db analyze Mongo Database name localhsot Host where the database exists
connectplaza.analyze.mongo.port 27017 Default Mongo port number
connectplaza.analyze.mongo.user   Username
connectplaza.analyze.mongo.password   Password
connectplaza.analyze.mongo.writeconcern ACKNOWLEDGED  
connectplaza.analyze.cleanup.enabled false Is the message clean-up enabled
connectplaza.analyze.cleanup.cron 0 0 2 * * * Auto clean-up for the messages starts at 2 AM
connectplaza.analyze.cleanup.expiration 720 Clean-up the messages older than 30 days or 720 hours   Is the Business entity cleanup enabled   Auto clean-up for the Business entities starts at 2 AM   Clean-up the Business entities older than 30 days or 720 hours
# Additional Properties    
ema.export.path temp Default path for Analyze to export its overviews to.
ema.messagestore.batchmode false Batch mode is disabled
ema.messagestore.metadatamode false Metadata mode is disabled
ema.messagestore.advancedmode true  
ema.advanced.service.file.mode false File mode is disabled
ema.messagestore.default.fault.path temp/error/default Path to store default error messages
ema.messagestore.basic.fault.path temp/error/basic Path to store basic error messages
ema.messagestore.advanced.consume.count 50 Business Entity message consume count
ema.messagestore.batch.consume.count 50  
ema.messagestore.batch.consume.startdelay 1820000 Batch consume start delay in ms
ema.messagestore.batch.consume.repeatinterval 30000 Batch consume repeat interval in ms
ema.messagestore.basic.error.discardtimeoutmillis 10810000 Basic Error discard timeout in ms
ema.messagestore.basic.error.startdelay 2410000 Basic Error repeat interval in ms
ema.messagestore.basic.error.repeatinterval 3600000 Basic Error repeat interval in ms
# hibernate c3po default settings   Basic Error discard timeout in ms
hibernate.c3p0.initialPoolSize 10 Database connection initial pool size
hibernate.c3p0.minPoolSize 1 Database connection minimal pool size
hibernate.c3p0.maxPoolSize 25 Database connection maximum pool size
hibernate.c3p0.acquireRetryAttempts 10 Number of retry attempts when connection is lost
hibernate.c3p0.acquireIncrement 5 Number of connections to increments
hibernate.c3p0.idleConnectionTestPeriod 3600 Idle connection test period
hibernate.c3p0.preferredTestQuery SELECT 1; Test query
hibernate.c3p0.testConnectionOnCheckin false Test connection on checkin to pool
hibernate.c3p0.maxConnectionAge 14400 Maximum age for any connection
hibernate.c3p0.maxIdleTime 10800 Maximum idle time for any connection
hibernate.c3p0.contextClassLoaderSource caller Context Class loader Source
#Mail settings for Analyze    
connectplaza.analyze.mail.from   From email address for the sended email
connectplaza.analyze.mail.replyto   Reply To address for the sended email
connectplaza.analyze.mail.port 587 Port number of the server host   FQDN / IP Address of the mail server
connectplaza.analyze.mail.username   Username to log in into the mail server
connectplaza.analyze.mail.password   Password of the user who is logging in onto the mail server
connectplaza.analyze.mail.starttls.enable false Set startTLS (true) or not (false)


Most of the time you do not have to change these variables. But in case the defaults do not apply to your situation you can change them in this file. Restart the agent after changing the parameters to activate the new settings.

Hibernate values

Analyze uses hibernate to automatically create / update the analyze database.

You can set the values via the ConnectPlaza agent in Deploy.

If you need a database which you cannot select via the drop down, please contact ConnectPlaza to inform you about the needed settings in the configuration file.

A word about writing messages to the database

We have taken several measures to realise maximum guarantees that all Analyze messages are correctly persisted to your database. First of all, all Analyze transactions to the database are performed through our internal JMS (ActiveMQ) broker to ensure reliability and recovery between restarts of the ConnectPlaza Agent and that all messages are stored persistently and will all be delivered to the database.

During the case of downtime of the database of connection loss, Analyze will ensure that all messages are retained and none are lost, through the use of the ActiveMQ’s JMS queues. When a connection error occurs, this will result in technical failure that will cause the system to store all Analyze messages that cannot be delivered onto the database, into a separate folder on your system.

When the connection to the database is recovered, Analyze will attempt to deliver the entire backlog of un-stored messages onto the database. This may take some time as there may be many messages awaiting retry. All stored messages, during the connection loss, will be automatically resubmitted into Analyze.

The settings to regulate the resubmission of messages can be found in the file:

ema.messagestore.basic.error.discardtimeoutmillis= 10810000   --> Time in milliseconds, after which the RME messages will be deleted.
ema.messagestore.basic.error.startdelay          = 2410000    --> Delay time in milliseconds, after which Analyze will attempt a resubmission of all files in the resubmission folder.

ema.messagestore.basic.error.repeatinterval      = 3600000    --> Interval time in milliseconds, after which Analyze will rescan the submission folder.

Database reconnection functionality will be automatically managed by the database pool manager along with the JDBC driver of the selected database vendor.