Salesforce delete producer

Salesforce Delete Producer

The Salesforce Delete Producer can be used to delete one or more Salesforce records with the specified record IDs.

This component has the option of either using the specified ConnectMessagePart body to delete records or using the headers in a ConnectMessagePart to delete a single record.

So it is possible to delete more than one record (up to a limit of 200 records) in a single transaction when using the ConnectMessagePart body. This is important because Salesforce limits the daily number of API calls a client application, such as the ConnectAgent, can request from the Salesforce servers.

When using the ConnectMessagePart body, we use XML to specify the records that need to be deleted. For example, a ConnectMessagePart might have the following XML body:

    <record type=”Account” id=”0013X00002T5jCkQAJ”/>
    <record type=”Account” id=”0013X00002SSzs4QAD”/>

The top-level element is always records when deleting multiple records. However, if you delete a single record, you can have record as the top-level element. For example, the following would also be valid:

<record type=”Account” id=”0013X00002T5jCkQAJ”/>

The records element can have multiple record subelements. Each record always has a type attribute. Note that you cannot delete records of multiple different types in a single batch. So each record must have the same type.

Each record must also have an id attribute that specifies the specific Salesforce record ID.

Finally, see the article on authentication for the different available options as well as their corresponding requirements.