Installing the prebuild .zip file

Installing the ConnectAgent with the prebuild .zip file

  • This installation has to be performed by the local Administrator.
  • Check that a correct Java JDK is installed and available.
  • Check that Powershell is installed and available.

Register a new connectAgent (end user license) at the ConnectPlaza website. Go to Deploy and generate a new ConnectAgent. Remember to use different port numbers for internal port number (HTTP) and external port number (HTTPS). I.E. if you have used these port numbers (8088 and 8443) in a previous install, you cannot use these port numbers again. (also see the Agent generator in Deploy)

Check the firewall settings of your local machine and your main firewall as needed.

You can perform a test with the command telnet to check if your machine is accessible from the outside. Start telnet on a separate machine, outside your network and try to connect to the machine and port number. See example below.

C:\> <your domain name> 80

If you get a blank screen, you can connect to your server at the selected port. No errors should appear

  • Download the file from ConnectPlaza and put is somewere on your machine. If you have a ConnectPlaza Analyze license, set the correct parameters in this generator box.
  • Copy the to the installation directory. We use c:\cplaza for example to install our agent. If you have more than one agent running on the machine, select or create a directory.
  • Unzip the file. You will end up with a connectplaza-agent directory

Installing the connectAgent as a Windows service

If you have unpacked the ConnectAgent, you are able to install the ConnectAgent as a Windows  service. To install the connectAgentUpdater service run the script below with the option Run as administrator. You can find the script in the directory <ConnectPlaza Install Directory>\bat

Or open a command window as an administrator, and run the command via this window. If this is the first time you run one of the scripts, a powershell script will run to create the 4.2.0 new directory structure for you.

You can close this screen with the ENTER button on your keyboard.

The following result should be on your screen:  

The service has been created. You can see this in your system services overview.

Starting / Stopping the connectAgent service

You can start the ConnectAgent via a command box or via the Windows Services application.

Use these commands in a command window to start the agent.

  • startAgentService/stopAgentService
  • agent start / agent stop
  • agentstart / agentstop

Starting / Stopping with the runAgent.bat script

Starting the ConnectAgent via a script is ideal for testing purposes. All logging will be added to your console session. Start the ConnectAgent with the following command via a command box. Be sure you have started the command box to Run as administrator.

C:\> cd <ConnectPlaza Install Directory>\bat
C:\> runAgent.bat

 When the connectAgent is started you will see 

at the last lines on your screen.

Stopping the agent will be done by pressing <ctrl/c>

Press Y to termintate the batch job. If you started the agent by double clicking the runAgent.bat program, the command window will close automatically

Starting / stopping the connectAgent service

Open the services window. You can do this by selecting the Windows button once! The windows menu appears.

Start typing the word Services.While typing Windows tries to solve the name of the application you want to execute.

Select the services app, the application will now start.

You can start / stop and restart the ConnectPlaza Agent from here.

It can take a few moments for the agent to start up. Check in the log files at <ConnectPlaza Install Directory>\logs\connectplaza-agent.log, if the agent is fully started.

Uninstalling the connectAgent service

Uninstalling the agent is very simple. Follow the next steps to uninstall the ConnectAgent Service. Run the commands as Administrator

  • Go to the directory <ConnectPlaza Install Directory>\bat
  • Uninstall the ConnectPlaza service with the command: uninstallAgentService.bat

The uninstall script will stop the agent, if it is running, and uninstall it for you.

Check your services application to check if everything has been going as planned.

Installing multiple connectAgent on a single server

Installing multiple ConnectAgents on a single server is possible, but requires some post configuration by the installer before starting the ConnectAgent. Mainly because port number will overlap. After all port numbers have been modified, we have to add a new service for Windows.

Installing the second ConnectAgent

Register a new end-user and download the file. Place the file in a predefined directory where you can unzip the file.

For instance, we place the file in the predefined directory C:\cplaza\agent2\connectplaza-agent.

Modifying the configuration files

There are a few configuration files we have to edit. Mainly because the port numbers will overlap and the ConnectAgent will not start because there will be binding errors because of it. To solve this issue we will modify the following configuration files.
•    conf\
•    connectplaza-wrapper\yajsw\conf\wrapper.conf




Uncomment this line and change the port number




wrapper.console.title=ConnectPlaza Agent updater

Change the console title

Change the service name

wrapper.ntservice.description=ConnectPlaza Agent Updater

Change the description

wrapper.ntservice.displayname=ConnectPlaza Agent updater

Change the display name (optional)<account-name>

If starting the service with a Windows account other than local system account, you have to put the user account here. Do not forget you domain name if applicable.

If starting the service with a Windows account other than local system account, you have to put the user password here.

Starting the second ConnectAgent as a service

  • Check if you have made the changes in the wrapper.conf file, as described in above chapter.
  • Run the installAgentAsService.bat script as an administrator
  • Check in the services app if your service has been added to the services list

Starting the second agent

Start the second ConnectAgent by starting the service as described above.

Problem starting the service

When you installed the windows service you can get an Error 1053 at startup. This is because the Java executable cannot be found on your system. Check this by running the following command in a command box.

c:\>java -version
openjdk version "" 2022-02-08
OpenJDK Runtime Environment Temurin- (build
OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM Temurin- (build, mixed mode)

If you do not get a response like this, add the path to the java executable to your wrapper.conf file.

  • Open the <ConnectPlaza Install Directory>\connectplaza-wrapper\yajsw\conf\wrapper.conf and search for the entry = java. Instead of java, use the full path to your java.exe executable. I.E. "C:\\Program Files\\Eclipse Adoptium\\jdk-\\bin>\\java.exe"

    If you have spaces in your path name, use quotes around the path!
  • Uninstall the service, wait until the service is removed from the list and reinstall the service.
  • Start the service again.

Getting the status of the ConnectAgent service

You can check the status of the ConnectAgent running the following command via a command box.

  • Open an command screen as an administrator
  • Go to the <ConnectPlaza install directory>\bat directory
  • Execute the command:

Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.20348.587]
(c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

* This script will perform a query on the ConnectPlaza Agent service and return  *
* information if the service has been installed, if it is running and the        *
* way the service has been configured to run.                                    *

"C:\Program Files\Eclipse Adoptium\jdk-\\bin\java" -Xmx30m -Dwrapper_home="C:\Cplaza\agent2\connectplaza-agent\agent\connectplaza-wrapper\yajsw\bat\/.." -Djna_tmpdir="C:\Cplaza\agent2\connectplaza-agent\agent\connectplaza-wrapper\yajsw\bat\/../tmp" --add-opens=java.base/java.lang=ALL-UNNAMED --add-opens=java.base/java.lang.invoke=ALL-UNNAMED --add-opens=java.base/java.lang.invoke=ALL-UNNAMED --add-opens=java.base/ -jar "C:\Cplaza\agent2\connectplaza-agent\agent\connectplaza-wrapper\yajsw\bat\/../wrapper.jar" -q C:\Cplaza\agent2\connectplaza-agent\agent\connectplaza-wrapper\yajsw\bat\/../conf/wrapper.conf
YAJSW: yajsw-stable-12.15
OS   : Windows Server 2022/10.0/amd64
JVM  : Eclipse Adoptium/\Program Files\Eclipse Adoptium\jdk-
Name        : connectplaza-agent-zip2
Installed   : true
Running     : false
Interactive : false
Automatic   : true
Manual      : false
Disabled    : false
Paused      : false
Unknown      : false

Running the ConnectAgent as a Service

When you are running the ConnectAgent via the Windows Services the installation will install the service with a specific user, the Local System Account.

You can change this user for this service, but keep in mind that if ConnectPlaza needs to update this service, your settings will be reset to the default settings.

When this happens, you can may lead to problems with your used Windows Shares or other parts of your OS where you need the specific user rights to connect to these parts of your system. So keep this in mind when you change these settings that the user settings are correct for all installed interfaces on this Agent.