Adding Components

It’s very easy to add your components in the specific section. Just grab a component from the tab, and simply drag and drop it to the selected section. 

Remember! You can only drag a purple consumer component in the purple consumer section, an orange service component into the orange services section and a blue producer component into the blue producer section.



Grab it!

(Grab your Component)

 Drag it!

(Drag your Component to its Section, in this case Consumer)


When you drag and hover above the section, you will see a row appear in the consumer section saying ‘Drop here to place’, which means that you can now drop your component. 

Drop it!

(Drop your Component in the Section)


You did it!

Open your component by double clicking it or pressing the Options button  belonging to your component and selecting Edit.


After dropping your component in the section, you will instantly see the properties screen on the right hand side. Here you can edit all the properties of your component. You can change the name, set a location for the file that needs to be read etc. In the following chapters we will elaborate on all components.

Dynamic properties

Most fields in the component properties have a check box in front of their name. You can check this to make that property ‘Dynamic’. When using dynamic values, the actual value is set when deploying the interface to the client. Dynamic values are variables for the selected property of the component. The values inserted within the constructor can be used as default values. 

When deploying your interface, you will be presented with the list of dynamic variables within the interface. You can set the desired values just before deploying the interface.

Consumers, services and Producers

An interface is alway built out of three components.

A consumer to get the message, some services to perform some transformations and a producer to send the message on its way. In short get the message, do something with it and send the message away.

As a rule of thumb, you have one consumer and one producer. An exception is if you are using for instance an Analyze wiretap. This is intended for logging purposes and you can use it even if there is a component already availabe in the selected section. Keep in mind that you can only add this component after the existing component  in the consumer section Consumers, Services and Producers , but before the existing component in the producer section.

Utility Components

The utility components are components that can be placed anywhere in the flow. They are not bound to a consumer, service or producer.

  • Analyze Wiretap
  • Message Copy