Internal values / properties

ConnectPlaza Internal values

Overview of all internal values, constants and properties used within the product.


The next properties will be available for the use with javascript intenal resources.

Name Description Remark
Log Reference to the logfile You can writer lines in the logfile of the interface
connectmsg Reference to the ConnectMessage  
properties Reference to the properties of the ConnectMessgae  



Reference to the ConnectMessagePaart Only used when a value for messagepart-in is used in the user defined service.
messgaePartIn Reference to the ConnectMessagePart Only used when a value for messagepart-in is used in the user defined service.

ConnectMessage Properties

Overview of the default properties used by the product.

Name Description Remark
Integration Message    
Id of the integration message UUID
Timestamp Timestamp of the intergration message Long in miliseconds
History History of this intergration message List with components the message passed
Message creation time Long in miliseconds


Id of the ConnectMessage UUID
myesb-adapter-id Name of the interface  
myesb-channel-id Name of the flow  
myesb-component-id Name of the component  
myesb-componenttype-id Type of the component  
flowstart   In nanoseconds


Creation date / time Analyze message Formatted date - Time


Analyze service of the wiretap  


Analyze flow of the wiretap  


Analyze componentn of the wiretap  


Indication BASIC or ADVANCED logging Basic is standard messages. Advanced is Business Entities


Analyze sender of wiretap  


Analyze ID UUID
opdion.logging.message_timestamp_millis Timestamp creation message Long in milliseconds


Analyze correlation ID UUID


Analyze interface of wiretap



Component properties

Name Description Used by component Mail to address Mail Sender Mail cc address Mail Sender


Mail bcc address Mail Sender


Mail from address Mail Sender
mail.replyto Mail reply to address Mail Sender
mail.subject Subject of the email Mail Sender
content-type The MIME content type (on every messagepart) Mail Sender
content-name Returns the file name of every MIME content part Mail Sender
mimepart-type Returns the used mimepart type:
Mail Sender
FTP Components    
FTP Username FTP Components
ftp_password FTP Password  
ftp_host FTP Host  
ftp_port FTP Port  
file_static_name Returns a static filename to read instead of the configured path. This value takes president over the attribute. FileReader service
file_move_source Source of the file move FileMoveService
file_move_target Target of the file move FileMoveService
file_write_path Added by the FileWriterService to save the path the file is written to. FileWriterService


Returns the ouput path the file will be written. FileWriterService


Returns a single messagepart which contains a comma separated list of messageparts when mesasgepart-in=ALL is used FileWriterService

Contains the origional file name.

Can be used to define a filename for a file writer. (File sender / File writer service)

Can contain a comma separated list of all messageparts in case of the use of messagepart-in=ALL

If al list of file_msgprt is used but no lijst of file_names is added, then the outgoing files wil get a UUID

File pickup,

FTP components,

File writer,

File writer services

http_requestUrl Contains the incomming URL as used by the client when calling one of the HTTP/REST/WS Listeners

HTTP Listener

Rest Listener

WS Listener

http_statusCode Contains the HTTP status code after the external service is called. When this value is available and a HTTP Listener/Reply is used this code will be returned to the calling client. HTTP Listener
REST Listener
WS Listener
HTTP Gateway
OAuth2 gateway
WS gateway
http_client_tls Returns the Certificate and key of the keystore to be used for the client authentication. Must be an alias in the keystore.

HTTP Gateway
WS Gateway

OAuth2 Gateway
openedge_procedure_name Name of the ABL Procedure OpenEdge Services
openedge_appserver_url The URL to the Appserver OpenEdge Services
openedge_appserver_username The user name to connect to the appserver OpenEdge Services
openedge_appserver_password The password of the user to connect to the appserver OpenEdge Services
openedge_appserver_info Appserver information field OpenEdge Services
openedge_appserver_session Session of the appserver OpenEdge Services
ws_uri Overwrites the Webservice URL WS Gateway
ws_username Overwirtes the authentication username WS Gateway
ws_password Overwrites the passord used for authentication WS Gateway
ws_timestamp_ttl Overwrites the timestamp TTL WS Gateway
ws_soapAction Overwrites the SOAP Action WS Gateway
wsa_enable Overwrites WS Addressing enable/disable WS Gateway
wsa_to Overwrites the WS Addressing to WS Gateway
wsa_from Overwrites the WS Addressing from WS Gateway
wsa_reply Overwrites the WS Addressing reply WS Gateway
wsa_version Overwrites the WS Addressing version (WSA200408 of WSA200508) WS Gateway
wsa_messageid Overwrites the WS Addressing messageid (if empty a UUID will be generated) WS Gateway
wsa_faultto Overwrites the WS Addressing fault to WS Gateway