Error handling

A word about error handling

When working with the error handling inside ConnectPlaza, you have to be aware how this mechanism works. Otherwise you can get quite unexpected 

behaviour. For example, in some cases the disk will fill up quite quickly, with all problems accordingly.

You can define the error handling at two levels, at the interface and at the flow level.

Interface Look

Flow look

In both cases the following two fields determine which error flow is used:

Select the default error flow, storeChannel, of type the error flow of your choice. Both fields are internally the same value.

What you need to know

What you need to know is that the error handling assigned to the interface is active for all the flows active in this interface. This is not a problem for most cases, but if you have defined the error handling to a flow present in this interface you can have issues if the error handling flow is producing errors. You will get a loop.  The error handling flow is assigned the error handling flow for errors, but there are errors......  etc.

Imagine that your error handling flow has an Analyze Wiretap, all the data is written to the Analyze database, and because of the looping effect, this is a serious issue.

In the aforementioned case, it is better to set the error handling at flow level.