ConnectPlaza ConnectAgent Si 3.3.1

This is maintenance release 3.3.1 of ConnectPlaza Connect Agent.

Release Notes :

  • Analyze max concurrent consumers set to 1-5 for faster handling.
  • Added Durable Subscription support for JMS Consumer
  • File backup location can be added as a header.
  • Added SSL Cipher Suite support for Jetty which can be set from properties file
  • Authentication support improved, added configurable Role based authentication and added proper LDAP support.
  • Property file_static_name added for FileReaderService to dynamically set file URI
  • KeyExchange configurable for SFTP through system-property: sftpKexConfiguration
  • Default trace logging for Analyze wiretaps disabled to prevent lots of logging.
  • Added Jetty version number and added correct support for minimum 1.8 and maximum 1.9 java versions
  • Added Java 9 support during check-up for future versions of ConnectPlaza.

Solved bugs :

  • Fixed an issue with SerializableException in Analyze wiretaps. All properties in ConnectMessage, ConnectMessagParts and headers are now filtered on non Serializable values.
  • Autostart in wiretap components did not work. Fixed. On a flow (re)start components with autostart=false are not started.
  • Clean-up problem fixed with large amount of messages