This is release 4.3.0 of ConnectPlaza ConnectAgent.

Customer release notes

As part of modernizing our code we are moving parts of the agent code and associated resources from old namespaces to new namespaces in release 4.3. This has a direct impact on the backward compatibility of interface bundles.

For this reason, ConnectPlaza customers need to migrate their interfaces to the new namespace. Most of the time this will just mean that interfaces have to be rebuilt via the ConnectPlaza Constructor. The following link describes the necessary actions to take: https://www.connectplaza.com/doc/en/technical-guide/release-4-3-namespace-migration-notes.html

The main feature of release 4.3 will be a new part of our product, ConnectPlaza Monitor. This new addition will be immediately usable for everyone who has access to ConnectPlaza Control. Monitor is a customizable overview of metrics for all agents in your profile. This powerful tool gives you one dashboard on which you can see everything you need to know about the operation of your ConnectPlaza agents.

  • added support for mapping application/x-www-form-urlencoded payloads to ConnectMessages in the REST Listener
  • added basic CORS support to the REST Listener
  • added support for mapping ConnectMessages to multipart/form-data payloads in the HTTP and OAuth2 Gateway
  • components that use JSON path expressions throw an exception at deploy time when an invalid expression is passed
  • AS2 components throw an exception at deploy time when they cannot find the public key in the trust store or the key pair in the key store
  • fixed Control metrics for filter components
  • fixed rights issue after converting to the new ConnectAgent directory structure