ConnectPlaza ConnectAgent Si 4.2.0

This is minor release 4.2.0 of ConnectPlaza ConnectAgent. The release is part of the annual release schedule of ConnectPlaza.

Installation NOTES: installation notes 4.1.96 en 4.2.0

Release Notes :

The main changes in this release are the changed update mechanism and new directory structure. Added ConnectPlaza Control and ConnectPlaza Monitor functionality with a rule engine that can send Monitor notifications by monitoring metrics.

New/Modified functionality

  • Control notifications are sent via RSocket and RSocket gateway to agent specific topic for ConnectPlaza Monitor.
  • Implemented the Async File Reader Service.
  • Kafka Consumer and producer
  • Update mechanism changed. Updates contain now complete ConnectAgent version. During update client specific files are copied to new version. ConnectAgent is switched to new version by switching symbolic link.
  • HttpListener GET parameters to properties.
  • Base64Encoding service supports encode/decode XPATH or HEADER
  • Message Enricher supports enrich from header or script
  • OAuth2 Gateway supports grant_type refresh_token
  • Analyze DB SQL improvement
  • OAuth2 support for Client Authentication Method BASIC, POST and NONE
  • ConnectPlaza Agent Mail Filename attachment through Content-Id

Deprecated functionality

  • Reverse HTTP interface disabled via connect.adapters.donotstart property. Interface will be removed in future version.
  • Connectplaza File Consumer legacy-poller default deprecated. Legacy-poller no longer visible in frontend for new file consumer components.

Solved internal bugs

  • Analyze cleanup issue solved.
  • Control interface reinstall issue solved.
  • Control interface logging level issue solved.
  • ConnectPlaza Analyze Advance mode will disable analyze ruleengine.
  • Classpath expansion moved to java. This avoids classpaths are becoming too long on commandline.