Getting Prometheus metric data from the ConnectPlaza Agent

Getting Prometheus metric data from the ConnectPlaza Agent

NOTE: This piece of software will be delivered as is. This software is in alpha status and can change at any time!

The ConnectPlaza Control Interface contains a metric scraper flow. Through this flow, you can retrieve the metrics of the ConnectPlaza Agent and all interfaces. The scraper flow can be queried (by default) via the endpoint: http://${}:${connect.jetty.connector.port}/metrics (e.g., http://localhost:8088/metrics).

As of version 4.4.x, the URL and context path can be changed through ConnectPlaza Deploy via Configuration -> Agent Configuration tab.

The scraper flow generates metrics in Prometheus format and is intended for querying by a Prometheus Server. The Prometheus Server configuration needs to be adjusted accordingly. The Prometheus configuration is located in the prometheus.yml of the Prometheus installation. In the yml file, an additional job in the 'scrape_configs:' section must be included:

- job_name: 'agent'
  scrape_interval: 15s


  - targets: ['localhost:8088']
      application: 'localagent'
      group: 'local'

The job name and labels can be customized as needed. Additional documentation regarding Prometheus can be found at the Prometheus website.

A Prometheus server will query the scraper flow at specified intervals and store the metric values in a time-series database. This database can be used, for example, by Grafana to generate monitoring displays. Learn more about Grafana at the Grafana website.

The scraper flow can be queried with a browser, and in the browser, you can see the data in Prometheus format.

ConnectPlaza reserves the right to change the metric addresses, and backward compatibility cannot be guaranteed.

The metrics sent by the scraper flow can be influenced through ConnectPlaza Control. For example, if the "Total Send" metric of a flow in Control is unchecked (either "Private Enabled" or "Global Enabled"), the metric will no longer be sent.