Using JMX to check the connectAgent.



  • VisualVM - VisualVM is a visual tool integrating commandline JDK tools and lightweight profiling capabilities. Designed for both development and production time use. You can download VisualVM via this link
  • jmxremote_optional-1_0_1_04-b58.jar - Needed to start a jmxmp connection to our ConnectPlaza(R) Agent

Installing VisualVM

  • To install/use VisualVM, download the package mentioned above and unzip it. Place the visualvm directory for instance on your desktop.
  • Copy the file jmxremote_optional-1_0_1_04-b58.jar from your the <connectplaza-agent-install-directory>/jars directory
  • * to the <visualvm-install-directory/bin>

    • Create a shortcut on your desktop (on Windows)
    • Go to the <visualvm-install-directory/bin> directory
      Right click on the visualvm.exe file
    • Select Send to -> Desktop (create shortcut)
  • Select the properties of the shortcut and add att the target the following string:
    <your user dir>\Desktop\visualvm_217\bin\visualvm.exe --cp:a jmxremote_optional-1_0_1_04-b58.jar
    and press Apply
  • Double click the shortcut to start the application

If you want to start VisualVM with a cli command.

  • Open a Command box
  • Enter the directory where the visualvm.exe file is located and type the following command:
    visualvm --cp:a jmxremote_optional-1_0_1_04-b58.jar
  • Install the needed plugins
    • Open in the menu Tools -> Plugins -> Available Plugins and select
      • Threads inspector and VisualVM-MBeans
      • Press Install to install the plugins
  •  Check in the Installed tab the installed plugins

Using VisualVM with JMX

One of the problems could be that the following settings are to low:


The numbers could be different in your case.

If you need a connection to a Linux server you can create a tunnel over port 9876 (default JMX port, or look into your configuration files) with PuTTY. Check the PuTTY documentation how you setup a tunnel to an external Linux machine.

Start VisualVM via a double click or the CLI command (see above)

In this example I use a tunnel to my Linux machine. So I connect to localhost:9876 as follows

Connect to the service via the Ok button.

After the connection has been created, double click on the connection to connect to your service. You will be presented with the following screen.

Select the option Threads and you will get an overview of the threads available in your ConnectPlaza(R) Agent. As you can see there are lots of threads, but for now we are interested in the taskScheduler threads and the TasExecutorPool threads.

The numbers at the end of these threads are important. If you can find a thread with has the same number as your setting and the thread is blocked, you probably have issue. You have to increase the particular setting in the file.