Progress OpenEdge Gateway Example

Progress OpenEdge Gateway demonstration

In this demonstration we are going to send two parameters to a Progress OpenEdge application via an Appserver connection.  The ABL Application returns the combined inputs as one string.

There are 2 input files which we are going to load into 2 message parts. These message parts will have the same name as the input parameters used in the ABL Application.

The first file we will pick up, will have the text "Hello ", the second file we will read in will have the text "World". The ABL application will return the string "Hello World".



  • You can download the interface here.
  • You can download the helpfiles here.

Unzip the file and install the interface by creating a new Business Connector with the name DEMO-OpenEdgeGatewayInterface (for example) and import the interface via the Create new interface window.

Select the DEMO-OpenEdgeGatewayInterface.cinterface file and press Save to upload the file into the system. 

Business connector / Interface and Flows

How it works

Drop the 2 input files, inputfile1.txt and inputfile2.txt, into the directory ./temp/emoopenedgegateway/in. The first input file will be picked up and starts the process. The second file will be read by the file reader service. Both files will be placed in separate message parts. The first file inputfile1.txt with the text "Hello ", will be placed in the MessagePart with the name P_longchar1. This is the first parameter of the wshelloworld.p application. The second file inputfile2.txt, with the text "World", will be placed in the MessagePart with the name P_longchar2. This is the second parameter of the wshelloworld.p application.

This looks like this:

and the fileReader will look like this:

You see that the MessagePart Out refers to the parameters of the OpenEdge ABL Procedure.

After reading the files, the messages will be sent via the OpenEdgeGateway, to the Appserver from Progress OpenEdge.

Our settings on our demo machine look like this.

These are just our example settings. Set the values accordingly to your own Appserver settings.


The ABL program looks as follows:

    File        : wshelloworld.p
    Purpose     : hello world

    Syntax      :

    Description : 

    Author(s)   : 
    Created     : Wed Jul 11 09:11:03 CEST 2018
    Notes       :

/* ***************************  Definitions  ************************** */
    DEFINE INPUT  PARAMETER P_longchar1                   AS LONGCHAR  NO-UNDO. 
    DEFINE INPUT  PARAMETER P_longchar2                   AS LONGCHAR  NO-UNDO. 
    DEFINE OUTPUT PARAMETER P_longcharreturn              AS LONGCHAR  NO-UNDO.
    P_longcharreturn = P_longchar1 + P_longchar2.

This program is running on the Appserver, the two MessageParts will be delivered in corresponding input parameters. After combining the two input parameters in the output parameter the program returns the value in the output parameter P_longcharreturn, which is the name of the defined output parameter in your Progress OpenEdge Gateway.

Our interface drops a text file in the directory .\temp\demoopenedgegateway\out. Open this file and you will see the following result: