Analyze Cloud configuration

Analyze Cloud configuration

Installation of Analyze in the Cloud Configuration

This product is sold as a separated license. This is a named user license.





3.5.0 or higher (PREINSTALLED!!)


5.7 or higher


3.4 or higher

ConnectPlaza Analyze Backend Adapter

3.5.0 or higher


Download the JAVA JDK at the Oracles website. You can use the following URL:

Database installation

Install you MySQL database or a MongDB installation for your system, as described in the chapter 'System requirements'.

In memroy database

Per default the software installs an embedded in memory database. This hyperSQL datase is very usable for small test environments. NEVER use it in a production environment. You will suffer serious memory issues if you try to use it in a production environment.

Updateing the ConnectAgent

Update your ConnectAgent with the ConnectPlaza Analyze Backend interface. This interface will support MongoDB as well as MySQL as of version 3.4.0

Install the following interface into your ConnectAgent:

  • ConnectPlaza Analyze Backend Adapter
  • Install this interface using your Deploy environment. Open the System interfaces., you will see the next screen:

  • Double click on the interface of you choice and and the Details screen will open.

  • Double click on the latest system interface, you can now configure the interface.

  • Normally we accept the default settings. So press the Install button and install the interface. The ConnectAgent will restart automatically.

Configuration settings

On the local machine we have to configure some properties for Analyze. To do this follow the next instructions.

Open the configuration file,

vim /opt/connectplaza-agent/conf/

Check the configuration for:


Comment the lines below:





Uncomment the lines below, so that you can connect to the MySQL database:

ema.basic.dao.jdbc.url=jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/<analyze database name>
ema.basic.dao.jdbc.username=<loginname MySQL>
ema.basic.dao.jdbc.password=<password MySQL>


ema.advanced.dao.jdbc.url=jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/<analyze database name>
ema.advanced.dao.jdbc.username=<loginname MySQL>
ema.advanced.dao.jdbc.password=<password MySQL>


Open the file and change the storage type setting:

# Either SQL or MONGO

Restart your connectAgent


Edit the following settings:

#Mongo Support

Open the file and change the storage type setting:

# Either SQL or MONGO

Restart the connectAgent

Cleaning up your database

Remember that Analyze can create a lot of entries in your database. Databases can grow very fast. You can run automatich cleanup. To do this check the following parameters:

connectplaza.analyze.cleanup.cron=0 0 2 * * *

The first parameter is to enable the cleanup procedure

The second parameter is to setup the Quartz Cron. There are 6 entries:

  • Seconds
  • Minutes
  • Hours
  • Day
  • Month
  • Year

The last parameter is the number of hours data may remain in the database. Default it is 720 hours = 30 days.

First look at Analyze

Login in your ConnectPlaza Dashboard. If you have sufficient rights to use analyze, the analyze tab will appear on your screen after you logged in into the dashboard.

Select the analyze tab and you can use the cloud version of Analyze.

Uninstalling Analyze

To uninstall Analyze perform the next actions.

  • Uninstall one of the following interfaces via Deploy:
    • ConnectPlaza Analyze Backend Adapter (MySQL) or
    • ConnectPlaza Analyze MongoDB Adapter (MongoDB)
  • Remove the connection settings from the file

Keep in mind that Analyze is part of your license agreement. Uninstalling does not end the agreement.