Using Progress OpenEdge Components


Before you can use the OpenEdge Pickup / Gateway or Sender, you have to extent your java library with some of the OpenEdge Java library files. Copy the following .jar files to the <ConnectAgent Install Directory>/jars/endorsed directory of your ConnectAgent.You can find these files in your OpenEdge Development Installation Directory.

.jar File OE Directory Purpose
o4glrt.jar <OEInstallDir>\java Always needed
sslj.jar <OEInstallDir>\java\ext SSL Specific (DCS)
certj.jar <OEInstallDir>\java\ext SSL Specific (DCS)
cryptoj.jar <OEInstallDir>\java\ext SSL Specific (DSC)
psccerts.jar <OEInstallDir>\certs

If you want to install the psccerts.jar file in a different directory, you can add the following JVM parameter to your start-up configuration: -Dcom.connectplaza.progress.psccerts=[location of file] where you can specify the location.
Always needed

Restart the ConnectAgent afterwards.

Now you can deploy your OpenEdge related components without problems.