Using Progress OpenEdge Components


Before you can use the OpenEdge Pickup / Gateway or Sender, you have to extent your java library with some of the OpenEdge Java library files. Copy the following .jar files to the <ConnectAgent Install Directory>/jars/endorsed directory of your ConnectAgent.You can find these files in your OpenEdge Development Installation Directory.

.jar File OE Directory Purpose
o4glrt.jar <OEInstallDir>\java Always needed
sslj.jar <OEInstallDir>\java\ext SSL Specific (DCS)
certj.jar <OEInstallDir>\java\ext SSL Specific (DCS)
cryptoj.jar <OEInstallDir>\java\ext SSL Specific (DCS)


If you want to install the psccerts.jar file in a different directory, you can add the following JVM parameter to your start-up configuration: -Dcom.connectplaza.progress.psccerts=[location of file] where you can specify the location.

You can add this parameter in your file, in de conf directory of your installation.

SSL Specific (DCS)

Restart the ConnectAgent afterwards.

Now you can deploy your OpenEdge related components without problems.