ConnectPlaza ConnectAgent 3.4.0

This is minor release 3.4.0 of ConnectPlaza ConnectAgent. This release is part of the half-yearly release schedule of ConnectPlaza.

Release Notes :

New functionality

  • ConnectPlaza Control implementation
  • MQTT components
  • Normal exception handling implemented for request-response components http-consumer,rest-consumer and ws-consumer.
  • New aggregator producer component to replace the (deprecated) aggregator-service
  • ConnectMessage properties cleanup
  • Autostart possibility on flows
  • Interfaces and flows are started after interface is loaded
  • Zip and Unzip components can use password protection
  • Better agent shutdown to avoid ActiveMQ exceptions


  • Solved Bugs
  • Appserver Username and Password are no longer required.
  • Fixed HTTP Non Proxy Hosts.
  • Fixed XSD for HTTP Outbound to support all methods.
  • Added Multipart support for Webservice Outbound Gateway.
  • Added messagepart-as-attachment-body and allow for ALL messageparts to be sent in mail-producer.
  • Reply Timeout changed to Timeout for WS Outbound gateway XSD.
  • Implemented overridable properties for (s)ftp(s)-outbound-gateway and command-gateway (to match ftp-producer).
  • Analyse wiretap set to Hidden.
  • Added Logger service.
  • Added overwrite field to xpath function in header enricher.
  • All deprecated fields now have a fieldtype.
  • Flows (and consumers) have an autostart attribute.
  • Implemented support for sending application/www-url-formencoded with HTTP Outbound Gateway.
  • Fixed timeouts on HTTP and WS Outbound Gateways.
  • Added messagepart-as-attachment option to quickly send any messagepart directly as an attachment.
  • Expanded JMS Outbound Gateway with correct attributes to set destinations from header. Corrected jms-consume-service.
  • Fixed support for MailConsumer to support Office365 (and other Store implementations).
  • Fixed Session Reuse for ALL FTPS components added property session-reuse which defaults to true.
  • Implemented SFTP and FTPS support for FTP Command Service.
  • KeyExchange configurable for SFTP through system-property: sftpKexConfiguration and new property key-exchange in XSD.