This is maintenance release 4.3.2 of ConnectPlaza ConnectAgent.

Customer release notes

  • The OpenEdge Gateway has an Allow Empty Response attribute. This can now be overridden by a header openedge_appserver_allowempty=true|false.
  • Whenever using a User Defined Service with a Javascript script, it is possible to define a messagepart-in. This will set a special variable within the script called 'messagePartIn' equal to the messagpart-in defined in the User Defined Service. The 'msgprt' variable, that previously served this purpose, is now deprecated.
  • The HTTP method attribute in the HTTP Outbound Gateway can now be overridden by setting the http_method header on the ConnectMessage.
  • The Microsoft Mail Sender now supports mapping a contentId header on a ConnectMessagePart to the Content-ID property on a mail attachment. This is used to accommodate mail clients that expect HTML bodies with images to refer to image attachments by Content-ID.
  • A vulnerability in common-text-1.9.jar in the connectplaza-wrapper is solved.
  • When using Large File Support backups where always made. If the backup directory attribute is empty no backup is made.
  • Fixed a memory leak that occurred when the mapping to business entities failed.