MyESB Connect Agent Si 2.2.0   

Importent changes:

  • logging refactored naar slf4j en logback. Logging per adapter mogelijk
  • DSA certificates replaced by RSA certificates

Si-Agent 2.2.0 Changelog :

  • logging refactored to slf4j and logback. Added MyESBLogContextSelector for adapter specific logging.
  • added getLicenseKey method to ConnectAgentMultiChildMBean
  • removed log4j.properties
  • myesb-agent certificate replaced RSA certificate. Truststore now also trustst myesb-agent(rsa) en myesb-cloud-cert-rsa key-trust and serverstore.jks moved to context/production. Assembly copies myesb-keystore and myesb-trusstore to context dir.
  • logback config files for adapters renamed from loagback-.xml to avoid logback-test.xml when adapter named test is deployed. logback-test.xml preceeds loading of logback.xml
  • connectcmd scripts changed so log-back.xml in conf dir is on classpath.


  • #693 jvm-security.xml uncomment keystore.
  • #701 Mapping to lifecycle bean in http-consumer wrong

SI-components 2.2.0 Changelog

  • update si-components.xsd to 2.4
  • renamed TestHeaderInterceptor to WsTestHeaderInterceptor
  • added analyze sender and service property to originalmessage in analyze wiretap for preservation
  • added reply-timeout for ws-outbound-gateway
  • implemented default empty consumer for generic consumer. updated xsd accordingly
  • implemented regex file pattern support for file consumer
  • added xpath-filter-service to catalog.
  • added messagepart support to xpath filter
  • fixed issue in xpathmessagepartfilter in regards to logging
  • added Apache FOP Service for PDF Creation
  • added File Reader service to load static files into messagepart.
  • fixed bug in TcpOutboundGateway, added host property to beanparser
  • logging refactored to slf4j and logback.
  • commons-pool 1.5.2 replaced by commons-pool2 2.4.2
  • header-enricher now supports type definition
  • header-enricher now supports functions add(default), delete, copy, move and xpath
  • new file-consumer implementation. Will be used when attribute legacy is set to false
  • added datatimeout to ftp-consumer plain and ftps


  • #701 Mapping to lifecycle bean in http-consumer wrong
  • #693 Default keystore added to jvm-security.xml
  • #668 messagepart attribute added to myesb-xpath-router
  • #456 Added FTPS and SFTP support to ftp-outbound-service

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