MyESB Connect Agent Si 2.2.5   

Si-Agent 2.2.5 Changelog :

  • myesb-reverse-deploy-adapter v1.0.3; better connection recovery
  • myesb-license-adapter v1.0.6; has a 3 day first-register timeout delay (was 24 hours)
  • getVersionNumber in ConnectAgentMultiChildMBean (for myesb-connect-agent-mbean-interfaces 2.0.0)
  • getInstalledBundles does no longer return bundles registered in myesb-connect.properties as connect.adapters.donotstart=

SI-components not changed since version 2.2.4

SI-components 2.2.4 Changelog

  • ACVPatch : http-outbound-gateway can define the header prefix for non-standard HTTP Headers with attribute header-prefix="" defaults to X-