Installation Notes - 4.1.96 en 4.2.0

Updating ConnectPlaza Agent from version 4.1.x to 4.2.0

  • verify via Deploy -> Agent Updates if update-4.1.96 and update-4.2.0 are available
  • set "Apply updates to version" to 4.2.0
  • Press "Restart agent"

Your agent will restart and install version 4.1.96.

After about 1 minute try to reconnect to your agent in deploy and verify update 4.1.96 is installed by reviewing update report update-4.1.96.txt.

  • If update-4.1.96 is not installed please try to restart your agent manually by restarting the service.

After update 4.1.96 is successfully installed you need to restart the agent once more.

Run the scripts for Linux as root and for Windows OS as Local System Administrator

This restart must be done manually by using the script agent.bat in the bat directory (windows) or the script in the bin directory (Linux)

Restarting the service via Windows->Services will not work and your agent will stay in version 4.1.96


Open a command prompt in the ConnectPlaza directory and type: "bat\agent.bat stop" followed by "bat\agent.bat start"
A PowerShell window will open and convert the directory structure.

If you have opened your command prompt in the bat directory the conversion will be unable to move the bat dir. In the PowerShell window you will see a warning :   

Cannot move  C:\ConnectPlaza\test\connectplaza-agent\bat
The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.
Please solve problem
Press Enter to try again:


Open a command prompt in the ConnectPlaza directory and type: "bin/ stop" followed by "bin/ start"
To see what happens it is advised to open a second command prompt and tail the file wrapper.log in de connectplaza/logs directory.

Your agent will now be restarted once again and be updated to version 4.2.0
Verify the update via deploy "Agent updates" by reading the Update reports update-4.2.0.txt and convert.txt

If for whatever reason the update will not work please contact our support via Please provide the following files:

  • logs/wrapper.log
  • .data/update/reports/update-4.1.96.txt if available
  • .data/update/reports/update-4.1.96-script.txt if available
  • .data/update/reports/update-4.2.0.txt if available
  • .data/update/reports/update-4.2.0-script.txt if available
  • .data/update/reports/convert.txt if available

Note 1:

Be aware of the fact your current active version of the agent is now accessibly via the subdirectory agent. This is a symlink to the version directory agent-4.2.0. You will also se a directory agent-4.1.96. This is the previous version of the agent. Reverting to this version will be a simple matter of pointing the "agent" symlink to this directory. Future versions of the agent will be installed in new subdirectories and pointing the symlink "agent: to these subdirectories.

Note 2:

It is advised for agent restarts to use the script or agent.bat. The agent stop command will ensure your agent is really stopped. The script will first try to gracefully stop your agent and when this will not work force kill the agent process.
Both the agent start and agent stop command will start and stop your agent service if installed as a service or start and stop manually if installed as standalone.

Windows users will find convenience scripts agentstart.bat and agentstop.bat in the agent/bat directory.

Note 3:

If you have any subdirectories created directly in the <connectplaza-install-directory>, you have to move them yourself on the agent to the correct <connectplaza-install-directory-for-4.2.0>. This will not  happen automatically.

To solve this for future updates is to move the directories to ./temp/<subdirectory>, the ./temp directory is a symlinked directory and should always be accessable via ./temp/<subdirectory>.