Using files and directories

Working with files and directories

Security issues

When working with files or directories, you have to understand the following. You are not working with the files or directories, but the ConnectAgent is. When started, you have to check if your directories and/or files are accessible with the user running the ConnectAgent.

Especially running the Windows OS, this must be checked. Linux machines should run the ConnectAgent with the root account, so no problems there.

Where to put your files and directories and where not

As you can select your own places to create your data directories, it is not advisable to add them into the application installation directory. You can add a ./<filename> or a ./<directory>/<filename> in a consumer pickup or producer dropdown, but you can run into problems when ConnectPlaza decides to reconfigure the directory structure of its applications.

It is advised to split your data and data directories from the applications' installation directory.