Large File Support

What is Large File Support

Large file support is created to move large files from one place to another. For this service you need a separate ConnectAgent with it's own license. This LFS license will add some features within the File Pickup consumer to support the large file transfer. The ConnectAgent will transfer the large file from the pickup point to the drop off point. No services and Analyze Wiretaps may be added to the flow.

So it is strictly a consumer and a producer, that's all.

Why do we need a separate license?

The reason you need a separate license for large file support s because the transfer of large files is different than handling messages. Large files can be several MB's big, i.e. 100MB for instance. If we transfer this kind of files through a normal file pickup consumer, your agent will be very busy with moving the file from a to b. This will severely slow down the agent and other processes on this ConnectAgent. To prevent this, we created a special license with special features for the file pickup consumer. For instance a special QOS, which prevents problems with time-outs during transfer. Automatic reconnect to the source, until the file has been delivered.


Open your ConnectPlaza Constructor and define the following process (we use a FTP producer)

The process will look something like this:

Set the properties as normal. For this LFS transfer, set the property Response Message Type to LARGEFILE.

Now you've got to check to other properties:

Attribute Description
Quality of service The guaranteed delivery scheme of a Large File, this can be BEST_EFFORT (kind of fire and forget) and AT_LEAST_ONCE, which speaks for itself.
LargeFileSupport Timeout Timeout in seconds for Large File. When no commit or rollback is received QoS will be activated after timeout. Default is 1 hour.


Set your normal properties with the FTP Upload procedure and you are done.


  • No services allowed
  • No Analyze wiretaps allowed