MQTT Sender

MQTT Sender can be used to publish messages to a topic on an MQTT broker.

In the table below, you will find an explanation of these properties. All attributes with a ‘*’ are mandatory.




Id of the component.


Set this value to true, if you want this consumer to be enabled.


URL to connect to the broker. The chosen URL determines whether the connection should be encrypted or not. The consumer will use the default ConnectPlaza truststore. The URL must have the following format: protocol://hostname:port, where protocol should be either ssl or tcp.


Client username to connect to the broker.


Client password to connect to the broker.


The topic to publish to.

If no topic is mentioned, the messages will be sent to the topic specified in the mqtt_topic property of the connect message. This means that the topic attribute is not required. You can send topics with one producer to varying topics by setting the mqtt_topic property with a header enricher.

Quality of Service

A comma delimited list of QoS values. Can be a single value that is applied to all topics, or a value for each topic (in which case the lists must be the same length). Default: 0.


Name of the MessagePart in a ConnectMessage where the content of the message is being stored.


Time-out in milliseconds. It only applies if the channel might block.


Name of the keystore file to use for client authentication. If the keystore file is not on the classpath the name should be preceded by file:. Default: no keystore will be used.

Keystore Password

Password of the keystore for client authentication.

Clean Session

Sets whether the client and server should remember state across restarts and reconnects.

Keep-alive Interval

The keep alive interval specifies the maximum amount of time in seconds that broker and client can be connected without sending a message.


When true, the caller will not block waiting for delivery confirmation when a message is sent. Default:false.


When true, the broker will store the last retained message on a topic so that new subscribers receive the last message immediately after subscribing. Default:false.


Path to the directory to use for persistence. Default: no persistence.


Description of the specific consumer. This is for documentation purposes.

Enable SSL

When you enable SSL, you need to add some extra information. This will look like this:



Certificate Alias in Keystore

Set the certificate alias for the selected certificate. Should exist in defined keystore.

Key Password

Password for the certificate key.

Keystore Location

The location of the keystore. Should be a path to the keystore JKS file.

Keystore Password

Password of the keystore.

Advanced options

Attributes Descrioption

Client ID

A unique client id to connect to the broker. Default: "interfacename.flowname.componentname.clientid"