Microsoft Mail App Registration

Microsoft Mail App Registration

The Microsoft Mail Listener and Sender (used to fetch mail from and send mail via Exchange Online)  require you to register them as an application in Azure Active Directory. This process is outlined in this document.

Please note that in order to complete all the steps you will need administrative rights within your Azure Active Directory tenant directory.

Initial app registration

The first step consists of logging into Azure Active Directory.

On the left-hand side there is the option App Registration.

In this case, there is already an application registered. We are going to register a new application by clicking on + New Registration.

We have given the app a name, "ConnectAgent Mail Connector". You can keep the supported account type to single tenant and the redirect URI is not necessary. Click Register to finish the initial registration.

Adding a client secret

After registering you are presented with an overview of the new app. Please take note of the Application (client) ID and Directory (tenant) ID, you will need these values for Microsoft Mail Listener and Sender configuration. The mail connectors also require you to generate a client secret. Click on either Certificates & Secrets on the right-hand side or Add a certificate or secret link (next to Client credentials).