MyESB Connect Agent Si 2.0.1   

Belangrijkste wijzigingen tov vorige release :

  • xsd versionto 2.0.
  • Few new features for RVR (zie changelogs)
  • Jetty ports are contextpath sensitive (#496)

Si-Agent 2.0.1 Changelog :


  • #496 Added connector names in jettyserver.xml

SI-Components 2.0.1 Changelog :

moved si-components.xsd to version 2.0


  • #486 Default remote dir in ftp-producer set to ./ when no remote-dir or remote-dire-from-header set
  • #492 FileConsumer handlermetrics coming from FilterChannel
  • #495 ObjectToConnectMessageTransformer afhandeling payload-only attribute (geen SOAP-ENVELOPPE in conenctmessage)
  • #496 JettyConnectors are independable from context path. Solved in AbstractjettyConfigurer by using virtual hosts.
  • solved http and ws test errors; missing connector names in test jettyserver
  • #497 AbstractJettyConfigurer now possible same contextpath on different ports.

New features

  • myesb-channel has extra attribute to make the channel between the consumer and services and services producer concurrent. Messages arriving at the consumer will be concurrent send to the services chain. (requirement rvr adapter)
  • added secure,cert-alias,keystore-,password,truststore-,password and keyManagerPassword to http-consumer and ws-consumer to add secure connector with own keystore
  • added interceptors-ref to ws-consumer for eindpoint interceptor support
  • added myesb-jms-outbound-gateway + tests
  • myesb-webservice-consumer handles empty string response in msgprt as a HTTP 202 Accepted. MyESBWebServiceInboundGateway in xml