ConnectPlaza ConnectAgent Si 4.1.96

This is maintenance release 4.1.96 of ConnectPlaza ConnectAgent.

Installation NOTES: installation notes 4.1.96 en 4.2.0

Release Notes :

This is an intermediate release to prepare the update to version 4.2.0

Version 4.2.0 will use a new update mechanism and a new directory structure for the agent. The new directory structure will store complete ConnectAgent versions in dedicated directories. A symbolic link to this ConnectAgent version directory is used to switch to another version.


  • making a backup during the update is no longer necessary. The old version will still exist in its own directory. Switching the symlink back to this directory will start the previous version
  • updates will contain complete version. Making the update will be faster.


  • updates will be much bigger
  • update mechanism must copy client specific files to new version
  • every update must restart agent
  • This update will prepare the current version (4.1.x) to be converted into the new directory structure and will install the new update mechanism in connectplaza-updater and the new connectplaza-wrapper.

After the installation of this update the agent version will be 4.1.96.
After the first full (hard) restart the agent (fully stop the ConnectAgent on the server and restart it again) will be converted into the new directory structure and the version will be 4.1.99 (this is the required version for installing update 4.2.0).