MyESB Connect Agent Si 2.0.2   

  • Si components xsd version to 2.1 for new components amqp
  • support for rabbit amqp
  • autostart attribute for  adapters
  • exceptionhandling attribute for channels

Si-Agent 2.0.2 Changelog :


  • opdsys removed from pom and access to develop.opdion.com via https
  • connect.amq.broker.uri=tcp://localhost:61616 renamed to connect.activemq.broker.uri=tcp://localhost:61616

New features

  • Added support for

SI-components 2.0.2 Changelog

  • opdsys removed from pom and access to develop.opdion.com via https
  • update si-components.xsd to 2.1


  • #509 Workaround removed from sftp and ftp consumer. using local-filter with acceptallfilelistfilter. MyESBFTPInboundFilenameFixer deprecated.
  • #511 InboundServiceChannel removed from proxy-consumer
  • #497 (reopened) Problem solved by creating new MessageDispatcher servlet for every new endpoint. Newly created WebApplicationContext of new Dispatcher Servlet will use wctx with endpoints as parent context.
  • #517 myesb-openedge-consumer tag contained 3 errors. (double quotes, wrong path to InboundServiceChannel, wrong case in OutboundEnricherChannel
  • #512 reliable channels have choice how will handle exceptions with extra exceptionhandling attribute on channel


  • renamed connect.amq.broker.uri to connect.activemq.broker.uri

New features

  • added myesb-amqp-consumer and -producer