Progress OpenEdge gateway

Progress OpenEdge gateway

This service is used to call an OpenEdge procedure. The input parameter is filled with the text content of the MessagePart-In of the ConnectMessage. If there are more input parameters, you have to send a multipart message into the procedure. Use MessagePart-in with value 'ALL'.

The output parameter will be put in the ConnectMessage as a text MessagePart with the MessagePart-Out name as part name.

In the table below, you will find an explanation of these properties. All attributes with a ‘*’ are mandatory.




By default, we fill this out with the technical ‘tag’, followed by a serial number. Changing the name is optional.


Set this value to true, if you want this service to be enabled.

AppServer Type

Set the type for your AppServer here. The following types are allowed:
  • DC, for AppServerDC
  • DCS, for secure AppServerDCS
  • Pacific, for PASOE Server
  • Pacific Secure, for secure PASOE Server
When selecting this type, the correct URL will be entered in the field AppServer URL.

AppServer URL*

URL to connect to the Progress AppServer / Pacific AppServer.

AppServer Username*

AppServer username.

AppServer Password*

AppServer password.

AppServer Info

AppServer info.

AppServer Procedure*

Name and path of Progress procedure. The procedure must be part of the PROPATH.

AppServer Session

Choose AppServer session type. This can be Managed of Free. Depending on the settings on your AppServer.

AppServer Input Parameter*

Name of INPUT parameter of called procedure. Multiple input parameters can be added comma separated.

AppServer Output Parameter*

Name of OUTPUT parameter of called procedure. Multiple output parameters can be added comma separated.

MessagePart In

Name of the MessagePart in a ConnectMessage where the request will be read from. When using multiple INPUT parameters, please specify 'ALL'.

MessagePart Out

Name of the MessagePart in a ConnectMessage where the content of the response is being stored.

Allow Empty Responses


This allows AppServers to respond with empty results. The result will be discarded and stops the flow when set to true. When set to false it will raise an exception.


Description of the purpose of this component. This will be part of the documentation printed out in the Diagram of this interface.


Using multiple parameters in your OpenEdge Gateway

When you want to use multiple parameters in your OpenEdge Gateway you have to define messagepart names with the same name as your paramterer name.

So if you have 2 input parameters in your ABL code, with the following names: L_input1 and L_input2. Create 2 connectMessageParts with the names L_input1 and L_input2.

Overridden OpenEdge properties

With the use of a header enricher, it is possible to override certain properties of the OpenEdge Gateway.

  • openedge_procedure_name
  • openedge_appserver_url
  • openedge_appserver_username
  • openedge_appserver_password
  • openedge_appserver_info
  • openedge_appserver_session