ConnectPlaza ConnectAgent Si 4.0.3

This is Hotfix release 4.0.3 of ConnectPlaza ConnectAgent.

Release Notes:

Solved component bugs Issue Summary

  • Fixed a problem with default values in Constructors.
  • Fixed a problem with some headers not being available in the first service after the consumer, causing problems when identifying which step the flow is in.
  • Added a workaround to support X509 Client Authentication when using HTTP or Webservice Gateway. You may use the username field to provide an alias for the certificate in the keystore with syntax: alias:[key alias] where key alias (without brackets) must refer to an existing key in the Key Store.
  • Solved a problem with HTTP Outbound gateways not correctly handling errors in respect to async consumers. All errors from any external HTTP service are now correctly managed and sent back readable to any client. Also this error can be handled by an error flow.
  • Added a workaround to disable Cookie Management for HTTP and Webservice Gateways. This can be done by adding a system property to connectplaza-jvm.properties: -Dconnectplaza.disable.http.cookie.management=true.
  • Solved problems with Webservice Listeners causing issues when restarting or redeploying interfaces.
  • Solved a problem when attempting to read the string representation of a Bytes content inside a message.
  • Solved a problem with deprecated components still being visible in Constructor.


If you are using Java 11 for you ConnectAgent, you cannot initially install this update because of a missing class in the Java runtime. Download the .jar file below.

  • Stop your ConnectAgent
  • Remove the file <ConnectAgent Install Directory>/connectplaza-agent-updater/jars/connectplaza-agent-updater-4.0.0.jar
  • Add the downloaded .jar file in the directory: <ConnectAgent Install Directory>/connectplaza-agent-updater/jars/
  • Start your ConnectAgent

Download: connectplaza-agent-updater-4.0.3.jar