Mass deployment

If you have a lot of customers who needs updating a specific interface, it is now possible to update them all at once.

Starting up Deploy will enter the selection screen for the ConnectAgent to work with. This is also the place where you find de mass deployment menu.

In the Actions section you will find the following options:

  • Install interface - Installing a new interface to several ConnectAgents.
  • Update interface - Update an existing interface to serveral ConnectAgents.
  • Update ConnectAgent - Update several ConnectAgents to a newer version.

Install interface

When you choose to install a new interface on several ConnectAgents, you are presented with the following screen:

Yes, it is a little weird, but if you have only one development license, you start with step 2. The first step is to select you development license and as there is only one, it will be automatically selected for you.

In the second step you can select the interface you want to install.

You can select only one interface to deploy to several ConnectAgents. You cannot add dynamic values when using the mass deployment tool. So if there are any dynamic values available for this interface, the default values will be used.

After selecting the interface, you will be able to select the specific version if this interface you want to install.

Select the specific version and click on the button , to go to step 3.

In step 3 you can select your ConnectAgents where to install the interface on. Only the ConnectAgents without the  interface will be shown here. If you have a lot of ConnectAgent, you can select them all of deselect them all, with the corresponding buttons.

When you know a part of the name of the ConnectAgent, you can type this into the search box. This will automatically use this as a filter.

After selecting the ConnectAgents, click on the button to go to the next step.

The last step will give you an overview of the actions you are going to execute.

Click on the button to execute the selection.

When performing the installations, the status will be shown in the execution screen.

Update interface

Updating an existing interface is the same as installing a new interface. Except you cannot select ConnectAgents where the selected interface is not available.

So if we want to update a previous installed interface (new build was made), you select the interface and the specific version you want.

In step 3 you can select the ConnectAgents you want then update to install to. You can only select ConnectAgents where the selected interface is available on.

Select the ConnectAgents you want and follow the next steps.

Update multiple ConnectAgents

With this option you can update multiple ConnectAgents in one go.

ConnectAgents will not update, if they meet one of the following conditions:

  • ConnedtAgent which have never been started
  • ConnectAgent running version 4.x
  • ConnectAgents not active when running the update

At the start of the Update, you will see an overview of the registered ConnectAgents in our system with their latest version number.

Click on the button to retrieve an overview of the ConnectAgents and the selection of the version to upgrade to.

In this overview the connected ConnectAgents are in gray, the ConnectAgents which are not available are in red.

With the selection box Until version, you can select the version to upgrade the ConnectAgent to. Click on the button, to go to the next step.

Select the agents you want to upgrade. Press next step to get an overview of the upgrade.

Press Start to start the upgrade.

The agents will now restart and update as far as they can. There is a posibillity that you must restart a ConnectAgent yourself. Check the ConnectAgents if they have the correct version. If a version of a ConnectAgent is lower than expected, check the logfile for the ConnectAgent.