The Quartz Cron Generator

Working with the Quartz Cron Generator

Within the components of ConnectPlaza you can find some Cron entries to trigger an action of the specific object. These cron action settings are always the same and look like follow:

If you press the , the quartz cron generator screen will open.

You can create, with this Quartz Cron Generator, a cron expression for you component.

Cron-Expressions are strings that are actually made up of seven sub-expressions. Each sub-expression describes the individual details of the schedule. These sub-expression are separated with white-space.

The sub-expressions represent the following components:

  1. Seconds
  2. Minutes
  3. Hours
  4. Day-of-Month
  5. Month
  6. Day-of-Week
  7. Year (optional field, not used in ConnectPlaza)

You can use wild cards * and ?. Wild-cards * means “every” possible value of this field whereas wild card ? is used to specify “no specific value”. It is allowed for the day-of-month and day-of-week fields. Cron expression “0 24 23 * * ?” means the job will fire at time 23:24:00 every day.

Every tab has its own settings to play with. Most speak for themselves. As a helper you can check the times the cron triggers in the text box on the right.


But watch out with your configuration setting. For example look at the following setting: * 5 * * * *. At first you will see a cron expression for every 5 minutes. But no this is not the case, this is an expression which will run every 5 minutes and every second of that fifth minute. The cron expression we wanted would be 0 5 * * * *