ConnectPlaza ConnectAgent Si 3.1.1

This is maintenance release 3.1.1 of ConnectPlaza Connect Agent.

Release Notes :

  • The Email Send Producer can now use mimepart types, content-types and content names per part. This means you can now send HTML formatted emails. You can find the updated documentation of the Mail Producer here.
  • You can now use personal names for email addresses.

Solved bugs :

  • Preferred authentication keyboard-interactive disabled for (S)FTP servers. This ensures that ConnectPlaza can now use the given credentials to access (S)FTP servers that prefer keyboard-interactive authentication.
  • The File Consumer now ignores subdirectories while picking up files. Previously when picking up all files from a directory, ConnectPlaza would attempt to pick up subdirectories as well. This unwanted behavior has now been fixed.
  • MyESBJMSConvertor classloading issue fixed


There is an unintended side-effect to the bugfix for the File Consumer for Windows users. Windows does not recognize file extensions as part of a file name. And now we specifically pick up only files with the File Consumer, this becomes important when using a File Pattern in your File Consumer. Please make sure that you explicitly include both the file name and the file extension in the File Pattern when you are deploying the particular Interface to a Windows machine.

This example illustrates this issue:

The file Weborder-1234567890.xml will not be picked up with the File Pattern Weborder-* on Windows machines. Instead you should use one of the following options: Weborder-*.xml or Weborder-*.*

Please note that this is only necesarry if you deploy your Interface to a Windows machine.