Installation guide

ConnectPlaza Control installation guide


  • ConnectPlaza Control license (Named license)

A named license is a license for the specified login. Hence, a login who has the ConnectPlaza Control license can use ConnectPlaza Control for all agents the login has acces.

For ConnectPlaza Control you need a separate license. If you need ConnectPlaza Control and you do not have a license, please contact your account manager.


For ConnectPlaza Control to work you need to install the ConnectPlaza Control Interface (connectplaza-control-adapter). To install this interface you have to perform the following actions for each of the agents you want to run control on.

  • Open ConnectPlaza Deploy for the specific environment
  • Look for the ConnectPlaza Control Interface:
  • Double click on the interface to perform an install of this service.
  • Double click on the version you want to install, like in our example 4.2.0.RC1. There are no parameters for this interface. Just press Install to install the interface.
  • If the interface is installed as it should, you will see that the interface will come online.
  • Close the screen and you are done.