Messages and Flows

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    Messages and Flows


    As you can see in the flow of the interface, we use 2 Analyze Wiretaps. So we sent some messages to Analyze. Now we take a look at Analyze to see what has been registered. We first select the type Messages, this looks like the window below.

    We selected no specific filters, other then a date and time filter. As you can see the data is presented. But without any relation to each other. 

    Double click on a message and you will see the selected message in detail. You can also click on the header of the colums to select the sort order of the messages. For instance, click on the PointCut column header.

    As you can see the column PointCut is sorted. The next thing you have to pay attention to, are the values of Location / PointCut and Proces. These values are automatically created by the system. Because we did not give them a value, when adding the Analyze Wiretap in the Constructor. Sender en Service have no value and are left empty by the system. No values were created here.  

    Showing detailed information

    To see a message in detail, select the message and double click on it. An overlay will open with detailed information about the message.

    Now you see the detailed information about this message. The screen is divided into 3 parts: a part for the details of the message, a part with the headers, and a part with the message itself 

    As you can see, this is a summary of the information we showed in the overview of the messages.

    Below these details, you can find the header information. This information is added by the system and can be used in many different ways.

    These are the headers of the ConnectMessage.

    You can see the message itself, as part of the selected Message Part. Messages can have more than one part, as SOAP messages for instance often do. You can select the part of the message by selecting it via the selection box at the top right of the screen


    The message will be shown in a viewer, like this:

    At the bottom on the right, you will see a number of buttons  .

    Button Description
    When you push this button, you will open a secondary tab within your browser with the exact same information you have now on you screen. We implemented this to let you have an overview of more than one message a a time in detail. 

    With this button you can download the message, shown in the viewer. The message will be packed as a .zip file and presented to you for download. 

    You can email the message to any email address you like. Select this button and a secondary screen will pop up.

    Fill in the fields and push the send button. The message will be send. 

    When you push this button, you will close the detail window.



    If you select the type Flows, which is the default overview, you will be presented with the following information:

    As you can see, we have only 5 ID's on the screen, These are 5 flows, with 2 messages each, as we saw in the messages overview. 

    Showing more flow information

    If you double click on the flow you want to see, you will be presented with the details of the flow. You will see all messages of the flow, in the order of which they were going through the flow, i.e.: