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    The Filter can filter a message using a filter strategy. A filter strategy returns a boolean value. Based on this value and the inverse value, the message can pass, or is being sent to the discard flow.

    The filter can be used as a simple router service.

    The filter strategy will have to be defined in a Bean.

    In the table below, you will find an explanation about these properties. All attributes with a ‘*’ are mandatory.




    By default, we fill this out with the technical ‘tag’, followed by a serial number. Changing the name is optional.


    Check this box if you want this service to be enabled.

    Filter Strategy*

    Reference to an implementation of a filter-strategy. Bean must implement MyESBFilterStrategy. Script must return true or false. You can define your own filters, however ConnectPlaza supplies you with three default implementations:
    - com.opdion.myesb.connect.filter.MyESBConnectMessagePartNameExistsFilterStrategy
    - com.opdion.myesb.connect.filter.MyESBConnectMessageXPathFilterStrategy
    - com.opdion.myesb.connect.filter.PropertyFilterStrategy

    Discard Flow

    Reference to a flow for messages, for which the strategy filter returns false


    Switch to invert strategy result.


    Description of the specific service. This is for documentation purposes.


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