MyESB Connect Agent Si 2.0.0  

  • Version update 1.7.0 to 2.0.0.

Si-Agent 2.0.0 Changelog :

Bringing version to 2.0.0

  • renamed all sh and bat to agent
  • Added version.xml to the root of the agent. This file is used inside the update proces and the wrapper to manage the version of the connect agent and makes it possible to perform automatic updates.

SI-Components 2.0.0 Changelog :

New Features

  • 29-09-2014 Bringing 1.7.1-SNAPSHOT to 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT
  • myesb-xpath-router tag + tests (#460) (with resulttype attribute)
  • myesb-msgpart-router tag + tests (#460)
  • xpath-splitter now logs message when connect.log=DEBUG


  • MapForceCallerService forgot else in invoke. If content instanceof String or Document invoke will print ERROR Input of type ... not supported.
  • Fixed mapforce excel output type giving errors, expecting a stream. The output type property is renamed so that the setting BYTE_ARRAY is actually used inside the code.
  • MyESBXPathRouterStrategy could not handle XPATH definitions which return STRING or BOOLEAN results, only NodeLIST results. Added property to strategy to set returnType to NODELIST,STRING or BOOLEAN. Default is NODELIST