ConnectPlaza Monitor

The ConnectPlaza Monitor is a complementary product for Control. The metrics you can define in control are handled by ConnectPlaza Monitor.

If you have a license for ConnectPlaza Control, you can access the monitor via the url:

If you are not logged into ConnectPlaza Studio you will see this login screen.

Type your username and password and press the button.

When logged in, you will see the following monitor screen with all your ConnectPlaza Agents.

In this example all the ConnectPlaza Agents are off line. Before you can use ConnectPlaza Monitor for the first time, you'll have to log on to your ConnectPlaza Control environment once. This will trigger the metrics to be sent to ConnectPlaza Monitor.

When we start some of the ConnectPlaza Agents, they will show up in ConnectPlaza Monitor.

The message at the bottom of the screen indicates a new notification has come in. This will be shown a few seconds and then it will disappear. In this example, two agents are on line.

As we look closer to the displayed indicator for the agent there is some explanation needed.

Indicator Description

Status of the ConnectPlaza Agent. This can be the following colours:

  • Green --> All is well
  • Yellow --> Warnings received
  • Red --> Errors encountered
  • Grey --> ConnectPlaza Agent is Off line
Heartbeat received. If this is green, a heartbeat is recieved in the set period of time a heartbeat must be recieved by the ConnectPlaza Agent. If this is not the case, this icon will be red.
Name of the ConnectPlaza Agent.

Status of the ConnectPlaza Agent. The following statusus are available:

  • WARN

This opens a menu with, for now, only one option. Acknowledge all. By selecting this option, all messages will be acknowledged and all messages are reset.

If the status of your ConnectPlaza Agent is something other then ONLINE and the colour is not green,

you can check the details of the messages by clicking on the status button.

The following details are found on this screen:

Field Description
- Identification Your ConnectPlaza Agent identification name.
- Licensekey The license key of this ConnectPlaza Agent.
- Status The current status of your ConnectPlaza Agent.
- Valid license Indication if your last license check is valid for this ConnectPlaza Agent.
- Control installed Indication if your Control Interface is installed.
- License valid until The date your ConnectPlaza Agent License is valid until.
- Max flows Maximum number of flows your ConnectPlaza Agent may run.
- Tags Tags for this ConnectPlaza Agent.
- Error (n) Selection of errors in the messages list. N = Number of errors in the messages list.
- Warning(n) Selection of warnings in the messages list. N = Number of warnings in the messages list.
- Info (n) Selection of info messages in the messages list. N = Number of INFO messages in the messages list.
- Message Filter to filter out the message you want. Type a text you want to filter on.
- Message bar

This returns the message. There can be more than one message in the message list.

The message will disappear if you Acknowledge the message. You can do this by clicking the .

Header of the screen  
Name, heartbeat and timestamp of the last heartbeat,
- Sort

Sort the messages in one of the following orders:

If this indicator is Live you have a live view of all the messages for the current ConnectPlaza Agent. You can set the messages on Hold by pressing Hold. . At the end you see a number. This is the number of minutes the Hold is activated.

Acknowledge all messages on this detail screen. The indicator will turn green again.

Close this detail screen.

For setting up the metric seen in the ConnectPlaza Monitor, use Control